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Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln University
1730 W. Olympic Boulevard, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Abraham Lincoln University began as an idea for a unique law school in 1996, as a place where students from all walks of life could achieve their desires of attending law school despite financial hardships, family and work commitments, and other roadblocks. Students at Abraham Lincoln can complete online law degrees without needing to attend classes in a traditional setting.

Students who reside in the Greater Los Angeles Area, also have access to live classroom support sessions for supplementary learning and training. Students can also ask questions or brainstorm with faculty and other students in live chat rooms, or set up small live chat rooms for study group purposes.

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law is at the cutting edge of online technology, providing its students with a personalized education that doesn't have to involve a physical presence in the classroom. The staff and faculty at Abraham Lincoln make it their mission to put students first and make them feel comfortable and at home.

Quick Facts

  • Abraham Lincoln University was the first Law School in California to offer online instruction as an alternative a classroom education and to grant the Juris Doctor (JD) degree to students who completed their four-year legal education online.

  • Students at Abraham Lincoln have access to weekly support sessions and lectures online, where students can observers live streaming audio/video broadcasts or track down archived lectures

  • Students can turn in their assignments in person, through the mail, via fax or via email.

  • Professors are available for support sessions, through one-on-one meetings at the school and through weekly online chats.

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