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Abdill Career College

Abdill Career College
843 E. Main Street # 203
Medford, OR 97504

Abdill Career College began as a real estate sales training school and grew into what it is today: a career college offering training in dental, medical, legal and the phlebotomy fields. The mission at Abdill Career College, Inc. is to provide the educational means that will enable each student to achieve their goals. Whether it is to enhance a current career or begin a new career, Abdill Career College offers a selection of career programs, and flexible individualized courses that can enhance every student's opportunities for success in the ever-changing and technical workplace.

Abdill is a vocational college that was established in 1995 and maintains a philosophy of personalized education providing students with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Abdill offers students courses in medical transcription and front office management, office clerk, accounting and bookkeeping, legal secretary and real estate. As a long-time licensed private career school, Abdill has flexible courses that are designed with the in individual in mind. Abdill Career College is designed for students who want to change careers, start their own business, or re-enter the work world after an extended absence. They also specialize in assisting students to develop their own personalized education program.

Abdill offers students numerous facilities including three computer labs, a library and stimulated medical and dental labs. The stimulated dental lab is designed for students to learn and apply techniques taught in the classroom. Upon completion of programs, Abdill students will be issued a certificate of completion.

Quick Facts

  • Abdill Career College offers training in dental and medical assisting, medical front office management, medical transcription, legal/assistant secretary, accountant clerk/bookkeeper, office clerk and phlebotomy.

  • The facility at Abdill offers three computer labs, a small school library with learning resources including a computer, printer, and internet access, simulated medical exam/lab room, simulated dental exam/lab room, simulated radiology exam/lab room, an audio/video/study room, and a small snack and coffee area, as well as lecture and administrative rooms.

  • Stimulated medical and dental labs allows Abdill students to perform hands-on practical applications of dental and medical assisting procedures and methods taught in the classroom.

  • Abdill Career College, Inc. has federal student financial aid and student loans are also available for those who qualify, through Sallie Mae Financial.

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