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Boarding Schools

Just as there are many types of students, there are many types of boarding schools, each specializing in a particular area of education. Learn more about the different types of boarding schools available around the world, and be better equipped to evaluate your own situation.

  • Types of Boarding Schools
    Just as there are many types of students, there are many types of boarding schools, each specializing in a particular area of education. Learn more about the different types of boarding schools available around the world, and be better equipped to evaluate your own situation.
  • Study Abroad Boarding Schools
    If you'd like to attend boarding school but you're seeking some international flavor, consider boarding schools abroad. Study abroad boarding schools are available worldwide, with programs in such countries as Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, and Spain.
  • Religious-Affiliated Boarding Schools
    Religious-affiliated boarding schools allow students of the Christian, Jewish, Catholic, and other faiths to study amidst an academic and spiritual culture that's familiar to them.
  • The Big Names of Boarding Schools
    Real-world boarding schools can be thriving communities of students dedicated to academic excellence, and have turned out droves of graduates who have gone on the do better and bigger things. Here's but a small sampling...
  • Coed Ed Boarding Schools Count Toward the Future
    Let's fact it: Boarding schools haven't exactly been getting a good rep'. In reality, boarding schools and more specifically, coed boarding schools, are like your average high school with a wide range of perks and pluses added on.
  • All About Boarding Schools
    Just as there are many types of students, there are many types of boarding schools, each specializing in a particular area of education. Learn more about the different types of boarding schools available around the world, and be better equipped to evaluate your own situation.
  • Military Boarding Schools
    Military prep schools are high-quality education institutions that emphasize academic growth and leadership development within a structured environment that encourages self-discipline and fosters accountability.
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
    If you're not succeeding in high school or in life, help is available through therapeutic boarding schools.
  • All-Girls’ Boarding Schools Provide Support and an Open Forum
    In a place without distraction or restraints, but with support and an open forum for discussion, students at all girls' boarding schools tend to enjoy their experiences. All girls boarding schools are exactly as they sound -- comprised of all girls. There are a variety of locations throughout the country that allow only females to take classes.
  • All Boys’ Boarding Schools Bring Out the Best
    Whether you're looking for individualized attention, a better chance at success in life, or the discipline necessary to excel, all boys' boarding schools have the features that can get you or your son, there.
  • Junior Boarding Schools
    Junior boarding schools provide younger students (usually ages 8-13) with a nurturing environment that fosters learning, community, and interaction, and offer students the opportunity to build the confidence they need to reach their true potential.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: West Ridge Academy
    Finding hope and healing are central to the mission of West Ridge Academy (West Jordan, UT), a boarding school for struggling teens who need to turn their lives around and find a "change of heart." West Ridge Academy offers a wide range of therapeutic activities, academics, and clinical treatment programs to give students a well-rounded group of offerings when attending this boarding school.
  • The Appeal of All-Girls’ Schools
    Have you heard the latest on Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/? For most parents, news of young celebs' exploits elicits a sigh and an increase in anxiety about the future - especially when it comes to the future of their own daughters. Find out why, on the battleground for their daughters' innocence, many parents are turning to all-girls' schools to fight the good fight.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: Fay School
    Fay School is a junior boarding school for students to excel and work to their fullest potential. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, students at Fay are afforded individualized learning.
  • Boarding Schools in Canada: What You Need to Know
    More and more Canadian high school students are taking advantage of the opportunity to enroll in boarding school. After all, a Canadian boarding school education is anything but provincial.
  • Living and Learning at Semester Schools
    Much like college study abroad programs, semester schools provide the opportunity to experience different cultures and perspectives and broaden your own.
  • The Boarding School Advantage
    You've played a major role in each step of your child's education journey, from preschool all the way through middle school. Now that your child is a teenager learning to make his or her own choices, your role is no less critical. You want the best for your teen, which is why you're considering boarding school. Here's why choosing boarding school is a smart move.
  • Summer Boarding School Programs Help Students Succeed
    Don't let your child lose momentum in the summer months. Invest in his or her education and life skills in a summer boarding school program.
  • ESL Transition Programs at Boarding School
    ESL transition programs at boarding school offer dedicated English language classes as well as content-based instruction so that students benefit from immediate exposure to academic English
  • Critical Factors in Your Therapeutic Boarding School Decision
    If you're considering therapeutic boarding school for your child, you've probably already thought about a variety of issues, such as program content, length, and cost. But there are other, lesser-known considerations to factor into your decision.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: The Meritas Family of Schools
    If you're like most parents, you want to give your child the best start in life, the best education possible. You can find what you're looking for in the Meritas Family of Schools, a worldwide network of exceptional college prep schools.
  • All About Christian Boarding Schools
    Christian boarding schools are generally a place where students, usually in grades seven to 12, can live and learn within a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. They are taught within the traditions of the religions that govern the respective Christian boarding schools. These are located all throughout the country and usually require some sort of admissions process.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: Aspen Education Group
    Parenting isn't easy, especially when your child is struggling. But you don't have it face the issues alone -- Aspen Education Group has the resources to help your child and your family succeed.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: The Phelps School
    Education shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all experience. If you want your son to benefit from a structured and caring learning environment, consider The Phelps School, a small, all-boys boarding school whose motto is "Dedication to the individual boy."
  • Boarding School Spotlight: CERTS – Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy
    Certified Educational, Recreational, and Therapeutic Schools and Programs (CERTS) is a group of schools specializing in residential treatment programs designed for a variety of student needs such as behavioral issues, drug problems, depression, and more.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: Subiaco Academy
    Subiaco Academy, located in Subiaco, Arkansas, is a premiere all-boys' Catholic boarding school for grades 8-12 that provides a structured, rigorous college preparatory education.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: The Orme School and Summer Camp of Arizona
    Just an hour north of Arizona's state capital, and well away from the bustle of its city streets, is The Orme School and Summer Camp of Arizona -- a boarding school dedicated to serving students grades K through 12. Thanks in part to its location on a 26,000-acre ranch, the Orme School is able to offer students a boarding school experience that's far from the status quo.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: Eagle Ranch Academy
    Eagle Ranch Academy is a youth development program for troubled teens, ages 12 to 17 that helps students along their path to a better life and self-discovery. Started by two brothers who were longtime football coaches, Eagle Ranch Academy provides education to struggling teens.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: Westover School
    A college preparatory boarding school like Westover School can help bridge the educational landscape between middle school and senior year of high school.
  • Boarding School Spotlight: The Webb School
    The Webb School, a Tennessee-based boarding school for students in grades 6-12, offers a college-like experience, but with the supervision, support, and nurturing environment that's needed at the junior high and high school level.
  • College Prep at Boarding Schools
    Have you ever thought about getting a different kind of high school experience? Though it may seem as if living away from home at an early age is scary, college prep boarding school may be the perfect place for you to prepare yourself for college admissions.
  • Learning Disability Programs at Boarding Schools
    If your child is not succeeding in a mainstream academic environment, help is available. At a learning disability boarding school, your child can get the extra time and attention he or she needs to cope with the disability and experience success.
  • Boarding Schools Offer Horse Riding Programs
    Students can find a way to embrace their love of horses with these three boarding schools offering horse riding programs.
  • Boarding School Secrets
    A study about boarding schools shows that this type of education is more than a simple stereotype. In fact, boarding schools produce students who are better prepared for college than those who attend private or public schools. Check out these boarding school secrets you may not have been aware of.
  • How Much Does Boarding School Cost?
    Education is an investment, and boarding school is no exception. But just how big an investment are we talking?
  • Scoring Boarding School Scholarships
    Boarding school isn't cheap, but the good news is that even in the pre-college years, financial aid is available. And for students who qualify, boarding school scholarships can help offset the cost of private education.
  • 8 Great Reasons to Skip Summer Boarding School
    Summer boarding school is not for you and you know it. To help you solidify your decision, we came up with eight great reasons to skip summer school and make sure you learn absolutely nothing between June and September.