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What To Know Before You Go Abroad

When preparing to study abroad, you may find yourself very overwhelmed with all you need to know and do. But don't worry, we've broken it all down to sufficiently prepare you before you leave on a jet plane.

  • Study Abroad for Career Success
    Read one to find out the numerous ways studying abroad can beef up your resume.
  • Study Abroad Switch Up
    Want to study abroad? Read on for some important tips.
  • Advice from Abroad: Smarten Up Before You Ship Off
    Before you buy your ticket, make sure you know what to expect from studying abroad.
  • Passport to Student Travel Success
    As a college student, at some point you'll be looking to get out of town fast for spring break. But before you go, take along some first-time traveler advice to avoid getting lost, getting scammed, or getting into trouble.
  • Study Abroad Quick Tips
    Before you hop the plane to your study abroad destination, be sure to keep a few of the following tips in mind.
  • Is Study Abroad for You? 7 Questions to Ask
    The brochures look fabulous, and your best friend is already signed up and ready to go. But is studying abroad something you'll truly benefit from? Ask yourself these questions to help determine if study abroad is for you.
  • Pack This Study Abroad To-Do List
    Make copies of your passport, get your shots up to date, and pack lightly. Those are essential checklist chores, but study abroad preparation involves more than running errands. Put these internal items on your to-do list, and you'll truly be ready for takeoff.
  • Study Abroad Options Abound
    All study abroad programs are not created equal. Five different people can study abroad in China, for instance, and do five very different things. Before taking the overseas plunge, take stock of your study abroad options.
  • Save the Study Abroad Foundation Act, Save the World
    In an age of global trade and business, global interdependence, and global terror, Americans' lack of global literacy is a national liability. One way to reverse that trend is through meaningful study abroad opportunities.
  • Teaching Abroad: What's It All About?
    Teaching abroad can be a fantastic opportunity to travel to other parts of the world, immerse yourself in another culture and experience an entirely new way of life. It can be a very lucrative career change, and depending on the institution you work with, you may even have all your moving expenses covered.
  • Six Tips for Attending an International Job Fair
    Most teaching positions abroad are secured through a job fair, as the hiring process is facilitated through placement services. Here, we present our top six tips for attending an international job fair.