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The CB Grab Bag

Interested in college trends, technology, celeb info, teen issues, and a fun quiz or two? Then "The CB Grab Bag" is where you want to be. Find out what celebs are secretly brainiacs, which trends have swept campuses, and how others feel about the topics you care about. You can even grab a pen and take one of our quizzes to find out what kind of student -- or party animal -- you are!

  • College Technology
    Cool gadgets and new technology that are helping students get information, do research, study, and get into college. From iPods and laptops in the classroom to online learning and texting professors, it won't be long before college technology makes the days of notebook and pen a thing of the past.
  • College Trends
    What's new and exciting on your campus can soon turn into college trends to watch. From the negative and the positive, trends tend to be something that's common or popular on campus. Who knows - maybe you'll be the one to start the next trend on your campus. Read about some other known trends that other students have experienced.
  • Celeb101
    Get the Celeb101 scholarly star scoop. Learn about the college and high school experiences of your favorite celebrities and musicians from the small and big screens. There are lots of smart stars our there -- find out which ones are a class act. And for fun, see how pop culture's take on the college experience compares to real life.
  • Fun (And Helpful) Quizzes
    Learn about college -- and yourself -- with these fun quizzes.
  • Teen Life
    From pop culture and campus cool to what's hot and not, explore topics essential to your teen lifestyle.