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You've got the school all picked out, the orientation date set, and you've made a ton of trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the latest dorm decor. But you're just not sure what you're going to major in when you get to college. Never fear, for most schools don't even make students declare a major until their sophomore year. If you're still applying to college and you're not sure what you want to major in once you get there, check out different schools with programs you may be interested in. From straightforward English and math majors to unique, student-created majors, we've seen them all. You're sure to find your path in no time at all.

  • An Ad-venturous College Major
    Tips and stories from one student's college major exploration into the advertising field.
  • Alternative Majors with Accredited College Degrees
    Find out how to attain accredited college degrees in non-traditional subjects.
  • Choosing College Majors Doesn't Have to be a Major Headache
    Choosing college majors is often a tough decision, but with self-analysis, it doesn't have to be.
  • College Programs Provide Opportunity and Experience
    Unique college programs, whether abroad or at home, can give you more than the usual college experience.
  • Undergraduate Programs Are Focused on Success
    Undergraduate programs provide you with goal-oriented faculty and like-minded peers who offer opportunity and support.
  • Marketing Majors Benefit from Internships and Billboard Dreams
    Marketing majors have much to learn about the world of big-time advertising.
  • Physical Therapy with the Stars
    Who would've thought a degree in physical therapy would get you a backstage pass to Broadway?
  • What's in a College Major?
    Check out these recommended reads to help with the college major decision.
  • No One Says “No” to Jodie
    Pro surfer Jodie Nelson fills us in on her college experience studying sports marketing, sports management, and mass communications.
  • Jump on the Trump Bandwagon
    Popular TV show "The Apprentice" has spawned several similar courses for marketing majors on college campuses.
  • What's Your College Major Personality?
    What's your college major personality? Read on to find out!
  • A Major Choice
    Before you commit yourself to a major you hate, check out these tips for choosing the right one.
  • A College Major with Heart
    I now know that the best college major decisions are the ones that are based, as contrived as it sounds, on honesty. I've only recently come to this conclusion and it's been a hard one to reach. I graduated just over a year ago and sure, it would have been great to have a few extra bucks in my wallet during those months....
  • Plans After College? How to Prepare!
    Out of every 100 fifth-grade students, only 47 will enter college; an even more disappointing number, 24, will actually earn a bachelor's degree, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics. How can you be one of that lucky two dozen? Find a career and prepare for it...
  • Are you "Majorly" Confused?
    Whether you're certain about your career goals, or still debating an undecided major, you'll want to read this article.
  • Early Out
    My journey to graduating early -- a year early -- has taught me how to commit to goals, manage time, and at the same time, maintain a social life.
  • Do-It-Yourself Majors
    Can't decide on one field of study? Some colleges are cool with creativity.
  • Admissions Office Q&A: Freshman Year and Choosing a Major
    Kim Fontana, director of admissions for Springfield College in Illinois, discusses what you can expect your freshman year of college, and how to go about choosing a major.
  • College Majors: Study What Really Interests You
    So you're on your way to college. Courses, textbooks, roommates, sports, clubs, parties -- and, oh yeah, your major. Somewhere along the line, you've got to pick one...
  • What Kind of Thinker Are You?
    After discovering my new intelligence, I was motivated to pursue a different major at college. I switched my major from biology to a double major in English writing and mass communication. I was literally a new person...
  • Admissions Office Q&A: The Undecided Major
    Karen S. Parker, director of admissions for Hampshire College, discusses how it's OK to enter college with an undecided major.
  • CSI: College Guts and Glory
    While you're on the sofa catching up on CSI, these college students are in the lab studying how to be forensic scientists.
  • Connect with Technology
    Considering that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 1.5 million new computer- and information-related jobs in 2012, now is the perfect time to join students like Nick Ybanez and Adrian Nazario who are preparing for technology careers through Robert Morris College.
  • On the Job: A Telecommunications Career
    Laptops, cell phones, and iPods, oh my! In this technological revolution, career paths are a plenty with perks to match. Take it from Mark Nagel, who enjoys discounted cell phone service by working in the midst of cutting-edge cool...
  • College Major Decisions
    Though you have the choice of remaining an undeclared major until your junior year of college, unless you're one of the lucky few who knew what they wanted to be since age six, you've no doubt been stressing about what to study. Avoid college major stress with these tips...
  • College Double Agents: Exposing the Lives of Double Majors
    No, we're not talking about James Bond, we're talking students who decide to take on a mission more difficult than drop-kicking bad guys--the double major. Our mission, which we happily chose to accept, was to do the investigating for you and uncover top-secret strategies from students and college advisors on leading a double life.
  • The Major Decision Game
    Each year a majority of students go to college unsure of what they want to major in. Sometimes it takes years. But if you're in that boat, fear not. There are easy steps available to help aid your decision.
  • In the Job Shadow: Interning in Public Relations
    When Sherri Ortore accepted an internship at The CollegeBound Network (CB Teen's parent company), she never expected she'd discover her dream job. "I didn't really know much about public relations (PR) until I interned," she says. "It made me love it enough to pursue a career in it."
  • Making the Rounds with Circuit Training
    Thinking up cool cell phone features is great, but when you need the expertise to make it happen, technical training is key. Melissa Biel, a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology, can't wait to work with electronics. It started when she got her first computer at age eight..
  • What to Know about College Musical Theater Auditions
    This article provides advice on what to expect in college auditions and how to prepare for the singing component of a musical theater audition.
  • Make the Most of Your Classes With College Minors
    College minors are a great way to enhance your eduation and make the most of your electives.