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College Health

If you're going away to college, it's likely the first time in your life that you'll be in charge of your own health. Learn how to stay healthy at college, from maintaining your weight and avoiding the Freshman 15, to avoiding getting sick and not falling into unhealthy habits like binge drinking and frequent all-nighters. Also, when choosing a college, find out about campus health centers and clinics and nearby health care and hospitals, plus be sure to have your student health insurance matters in order -- you never know.

  • Substance-Free Housing Offers a Safe and Healthy Oasis
    College is often thought of as a time to experience as many things as possible, including frat parties. These days, with substance abuse on the rise, and intolerance for it rising as well, many campuses are offering substance-free living.
  • Fitness with Fibonacci
    Don't fall victim to the freshman 15 -- combat college weight gain with fitness smarts Da Vinci Code style.
  • Psoriasis at College: Speaking Out
    What should you do when you're living with psoriasis at college? When people ask about the condition, what should you say?
  • Snazzy Campus Health Centers
    Check out these cool campus health centers at colleges across America.
  • Avoid the College All-Nighter
    Advice for students on avoiding the dreaded college all-nighter.
  • Fueling a College Cram Session
    Want to know the most popular foods to snack on during your late night cram session? The results are in...
  • A First-Hand Account of Substance-Free Housing
    Katherine Hayes recounts her experiences living in substance-free housing at Boston College (Boston, MA).
  • Athletic Heart on the Field and in the Classroom
    Women's Professional Football League players talk about their love of athletics, and everything education.
  • Fit Like Fred -- High School Soccer Prodigy
    Check out the phenomenal footwork of high school soccer prodigy Freddy Adu.
  • Crisis Time
    It looked like my junior year of college was going to be a blast. And then one Saturday night while I was out with friends, my pager went off. It was my younger brother telling me awful news...
  • Campus Health Watch: Hepatitis B
    Consider this: Three out of four of your friends may be infected with a disease and not even know about it. Nope, it's not AIDS, it's not cancer, it's hepatitis B -- and it infects 75 percent of people ages 15-29. The even scarier part? Most have no clue they're infected.
  • Nutrition 101: Your Syllabus To Healthy Eating
    Here's the scene: It's your first day in the school cafeteria. You walk in with good intentions, but that three-hour lecture has made you so hungry. "I'm going to keep up with my healthy eating habits so I can stay sharp for my classes," you tell yourself. The last thing you want to do is fall prey to the dreaded Freshman 15 - and then - YIKES!
  • When Smart Kids Create Their Own Stress
    Too many students make mistakes that only add to their stress. To find out what you may be doing wrong, read on...
  • Fighting the Freshman 15
    Learn how to battle the famed Freshman 15 and have fun at the same time.
  • Got Stress?
    If you're like most high school seniors, you may be feeling a little stressed lately. You've got a lot on your plate. And to top it off, the prospect of college may be making you a little nervous.
  • "Pumping Up" Their Fitness Facilities
    In an attempt to woo high-caliber students, colleges are offering such extras as free cable, organic cuisine, and the newest trend - high-quality fitness centers.
  • Graves' Disease: The Jekyll and Hyde in Me
    I was dismissed from college right after my freshman year with a cumulative GPA of 1.9. I'm telling this story because there just might be a legitimate reason for your crazy, flunk-out behavior that is so "not like you." It's called Graves' disease and yes, in terms of how it wreaks havoc on your life, it's as grave as it sounds.
  • Get Healthy! Here's How...
    Before the Freshman 15 hits -- or you're stuck with the flu -- check out these tips for staying healthy at college.
  • How to Get Your Z's in College
    A decent eight hours, and poof -- you wake up refreshed. That may be your high school life, but what will happen when you're in college?
  • Mastering College Life After Meningitis
    A college students recounts his battle with the deadly disease.
  • Where's the Party At? College Drinking Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
    Many seniors in high school can't wait for their first official college party, but can they handle it?
  • Eat Up! The Dish on College Meals
    Let's face it: Food is an important part of life. Sacred, even. When you're hungry the whole world seems to reek. Throw in a writing class and a chemistry lab and you've got a recipe for serious disaster. So, how do you avoid the hunger pangs when you're too poor to eat outside the dorm cafeteria and too afraid to eat inside it? Two words: creativity and initiative.
  • A College Epidemic: Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders are gaining ground on college campuses across the country. Learn more about this alarming trend, what the warning signs are, and how you can overcome it.
  • Just say "No" to Excessive Weight Gain
    Don't let your Freshman 15 turn into the Freshman 40! Make sure you're eating and living right with these tips and tidbits.
  • Beat that Bug: How to Stay Healthy Away From Home
    Learn how you can stay healthy in college and overcome that first-term flu.
  • Student Body: What You Don't Know About Meningococcal Meningitis Can Kill You
    All college students know that dorms are breeding grounds for germs. Curable infections, like a cough here and a sore throat there, are common, but there's also a severe disease looming over college students' heads: meningococcal meningitis.
  • Is College Stressing You Out? Take one of these 20 One-Hour Vacations
    Studies have shown that even short intervals of down time can facilitate a reduction in stress. Try one of these one-hour-or-less "vacations" to help relieve test anxiety, term paper deadlines, and other college stressors...
  • Get the 411 to Avoid 911
    Campus can be a dangerous place. Arm yourself with these tips for keeping safe and healthy.
  • Dealing with a Depressed Roommate
    Would you know what to do if your college roomie was suffering from depression?
  • Exercise Your Way Through College
    Don't let bad eating habits run your life! By working out during your college years you could create a healthier and happier you.
  • On Your Own: Health Care at College
    At college, you'll be forced to face sickness without the aide of your family. Will you know what to do and where to go? How much do you know about the health services that many colleges provide?
  • When Has Homesickness Gone Too Far?
    How do you know which symptoms are normal -- and which are a sign of serious trouble?
  • Eat Your Way to a Higher GPA
    Want to ace that test? Then swing by the grocery store first, and make sure to pick up these nutritious treats while you're at it.
  • Why Am I So Tired?
    Extreme fatigue, abdominal pain, and sore throat -- is it a simple cold or the college malady known as "mono"? Read on to learn more about the virus, its diagnosis, and how to fight it.
  • Do Like the Celebs...Counter School Stress Through Yoga
    Think you can handle the stress of a new school year? Check out how yoga can help both your health and scholastic success.
  • Student Body: Head Trauma 101
    How many times have you watched a Looney Tunes cartoon in which Wile E. Coyote gets smashed on the head with a weight and sees stars? If you're an athlete who suffers head trauma, you probably won't pop right back up. You might not even know how seriously you're hurt until you get the facts...
  • Student Body: Water, Water Everywhere
    The sun is scorching, your daily practices are long, and practice drills are taxing your body. So how do you keep cool and hydrated?
  • Here's to Your Health in College!
    Staying healthy at college is more than just knowing when to take ibuprofen, when to grab chicken soup, or when to call a doctor. Here's how to beat the wheezes and sneezes, keep your stomach safe, and stay disease-free and once you're campus bound.
  • Deciphering Dining Plans
    Before you commit to a dining plan, learn more about what they entail and how you can decide which is best for you.
  • Healthy Dining, College Style
    Although healthy dining hall options do exist (like the fresh fruit salad standby), tempting late-night cravings still persist, and pizza deliveries are only a phone call away. What's a starved college student to do?
  • What Kind of Party Person are You?
    Are you about to major in partying? We here at the CollegeBound Network, certainly hope not! Take this quiz and make sure you're on the right track...
  • Scared Drinkless
    The facts about drunk driving are scary. Two out of every five people will be involved in an alcohol-related car crash during their lifetime. Someone is killed in an alcohol-related traffic accident every 33 minutes. Claiming over 3,000 teenage deaths every year, drinking and driving is the leading killer of young people. Terrifying, right?
  • Coffee Jump-Starts the Day, the College Way
    Over the years, coffee has become an ingrained part of college campus culture. How much is too much? And where do students go to get a cup o' joe? Read on to find out...
  • The Hidden Enemy: Depression
    Depression can strike almost anyone. Would you know how to help yourself -- or someone else -- through it?
  • What's Going On In there?
    The CollegeBound Network investigates a little known disease that can affect everyone from teenagers to adults.
  • Drinking Dangerously on Campus
    Campus groups are trying to get the word out that there are plenty of ways to have fun on campus -- and stay safe -- without drinking.
  • An A+ for Wellness
    Several colleges are taking wellness to the next level by incorporating wellness techniques into their learning format and curriculum. Take a look.
  • Bracing College Campuses for H1N1
    There's panic surrounding college campuses regarding the H1N1 flu virus, or swine flu, that is extremely contagious, especially in close quarters like classrooms and dorms. We've all heard the warnings and most of us try to heed them as well as we can. So what are college campuses doing to ensure the safety and health of their student body?