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College Life

There are a variety of activities available once you make the transition from high school to college. From extracurriculars to campus happenings to sports and community service, college life is diverse and a different experience for each student. Discover what soon-to-be college students should know about freshman year survival.

  • Greek Life
    For many college studentes, joining a fraternity or sorority is a huge part of their campus experience. Learn the real truth about Greek life -- it's not what you see in the movies! From bonding experiences and community service, to brother/sisterhood and academic support, learn about Greek life on campus, and how to find the right fraternity or sorority fit.
  • Diversity on Campus
    College can open up a world of opportunities while also opening your mind to new cultures, lifestyles, and interests. Get schooled on campus groups dedicated to supporting multiculturalism, learning disabled students, and LGBT students; how colleges are creating environments of acceptance; and what to look for if you're seeking a diverse campus experience.
  • Get Up and Get Out!
    You're going to make friends at college who can stick with you for the rest of your life and show you opportunities and ideas you never even imagined. Here are some suggestions on how to "get up and get out" to meet the people who will keep you company and change your life.
  • Campus Life: A World of Responsibility and Parent-Free Living
    While campus life is fun and exciting, it's also filled with responsibilities!
  • College: Should You Go for It?
    When it comess to going to college, many challenges await you -- but you can overcome them by following what this student did.
  • College Programs Provide Opportunity and Experience
    Unique college programs, whether abroad or at home, can give you more than the usual college experience.
  • Campuses Saturated with College Student Resources
    Take advantage of college student resources and make the most of campus life.
  • Academics Aren't the Only Advantage at Colleges and Universities
    Cool programs and events abound at colleges and universities across the country.
  • The Frenzy of Finals and the Colleges That Love It
    Believe it or not, colleges will do whatever it takes -- one weirder and wackier than the next -- to help you get through finals and midterms with your sanity intact.
  • Balancing Act: School and Work
    Finding a college job doesn't have to be stressful. While you may have to compromise a little, effectively balancing a job and school is ultra doable. Check out how one college student managed to balance the two...
  • College Life 101: The Reality of Undergrad
    What you can expect to see in the real world of college life.
  • Leaving Your Pet Behind
    Having a pet at college is most likely a no-no on most campuses, but check out some ways to ease the pain of parting with your furry friend when you leave for school...
  • How to Take Care of Your Car at College
    Learn a few tips on how to take care of your college car.
  • The Campus Outrage Awards
    Outrageous college behavior rewarded by The Campus Outrage Awards
  • Avoiding a Quarter Life Crisis
    Some tips on avoiding a quarter life crisis (what IS that anyways?!) and enjoying college life.
  • The College Experience Gone Awry
    Take some advice from these college experiences gone awry.
  • The Secret Lives of College Professors
    Bet you didn't know these secrets about your college professors!
  • Prepared for College Life?
    The transition from high school and college can be stressful -- academically and socially. Take some tips from our college experts.
  • Random College Facts and Tidbits
    Betcha didn't know that Marlboro College (Marlboro, VT) writing professor Wyn Cooper saw his poem "Fun" turned into a number-one single by SHERYL CROW. Read on for more fun facts...
  • Look Forward to a Weird College
    Your college might not be what's odd, but some weird campus happenings might amuse you.
  • College Tales of Urban Legends and Exploration
    College students take on urban legends through urban exploration clubs.
  • 7 Freshman Year Myths
    You've just been accepted to the college of your dreams. Many questions run through your mind. You may wonder, what student life will be like during your freshman year. Check out these freshman year myths...
  • True Stories or College Legends?
    College campuses have long been places of fright. No, not only Chemistry exam-type of fright, but the Ted Bundy kind. Take a stab at these two stories ... you may be surprised at the truth.
  • Cults on Campus
    Say the word "cults" and what comes to mind? Perhaps you see a hooded procession of Druids carrying candles beneath a full moon or you hear Ozzy Osbourne belting out tales of Aleister Crowley. But the majority of cult-like group activity on college campuses is not like these stereotypical images of evil and mass chaos.
  • School Stress Busters
    One of the most stressful periods in a college student's life is final exam week. Read on to find out how many colleges are offering stress-zapping solutions.
  • Pioneering the New Orientation
    For years, traditional freshman orientations have greeted incoming students with large crowds, impersonal meetings, and overwhelming, whirlwind tours of totally alien and unfamiliar environments...
  • College Life: A Wild Ride
    You've heard tales of trumped up textbook prices, Friday night de-stressing parties, and nutty professors, but at college, you never really know what to expect....
  • College Can Be a Scary Place, or Is That Just an Urban Legend?
    When it comes to urban legends, college is the prime place for instigating such haunted happenings...
  • Voting 101
    Chances are if you are reading this article, you are one out of the nearly 50 percent of high school graduates in the United States that is moving on to college. That means, along with the new found freedom to refuse a curfew (or at least try), the liberty to sleep in, and the basic human right to choose your own courses, you'll be given the responsibility to choose the country's next leaders.
  • Alone Time at College
    Whether you're an introvert or not, finding some alone time during college can be hard. Here are some tips for how to make it work.
  • 10 Coolest Campus Jobs
    For most college students, balancing books and a part-time job is reality. Of course, if you cannot bear the thought of spending the next four years asking, "Would you like fries with that?" you'll be happy to know there are several options for cool campus jobs.
  • College Student Cyber Roundtable: If I Only Knew Then...
    We may not have a fortune teller or a genie with seven wishes, but we have something even better.... Seven college students who have been there and done that, dishing out advice they wish they knew then.
  • 10 Biggest College Myths Debunked
    In the interest of sorting through fact vs. fiction, we asked students nationwide to spill the beans about the biggest college myths and dish on what college life is really like.
  • Driver's Ed: Having a Car On Campus
    It may be tempting to bring your car with you when you go away to college. But will having a car on campus drive you crazy?
  • Breaking Out of the Wallflower Syndrome
    Learn how you can stop being shy and start enjoying college.
  • College Urban Legends: Lies Students Love to Tell
    If there's one thing college students share, it's a penchant for telling tall tales and trading urban legends. Read on for some of these classic college campus lies...
  • 31 Things You Need To Know About College
    Thirty-one things you need to know about college and what to do about them.
  • Addicted to the 'Net
    Six to 10 percent of American Internet users can be considered addicts. As it stands, digital dependency is causing people to lose their jobs, flunk out of school, and suffer from crippled social interaction.
  • The Search for Life at Suitcase Schools
    Not every campus is wall-to-wall Greek parties and Division I sports programs. Some campuses have more parking spaces than dorm rooms, more students from in-county than rest-of-country. They're called suitcase schools, and they often have all the allure of a suburban strip mall.
  • How To Stay Active in High School Sports Throughout College
    This article is for incoming freshman who wish to continue playing sports in college and are looking for their niche. College athletics has a variety of possibilities.
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    Three students did more than just relax on their summer vacations: they took advantage of their time off by traveling or getting a little more acquainted with their fields of choice. Check what they did instead of just tanning by the beach.
  • College Facts You Have to Face (What Colleges Won't Tell You)
    When you find the college you want to attend, you're in love, and everything about it seems right. Unfortunately, as the years go on you'll realize that many of the "facts" you were presented with during the campus tours and in college guidebooks were candy-coated half-truths. Since you'll be finding out the "facts" eventually anyway, there's no harm in telling you now.
  • College Perks: 25 Things You Can Gain From College (Beyond a Degree)
    Sure, you'll get a diploma. But is a piece of paper all you'll have to show for four or five years of college experience? Check out 25 "other" things you might pick up along the way.
  • Thanksgiving Away From Home
    Facing a solo Thanksgiving? Don't be turkey-less. Check out some of these Thanksgiving alternatives.
  • Mothering Minds: Teen Mothers Who Finish School
    Read how two teenage mothers refused to let pregnancy keep them from finishing high school or attending college.
  • Bag Lunches, Online Food Orders, and Other Ways to Avoid Freshman 15
    Ordering online, picking up sack lunches can keep students from skipping meals.