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Guide to College Life

Adjusting to college life isn't an easy task. Whether you're struggling to budget yourself, make friends, or simply keep your grades up, chances are you could use a little advice and a more than a few tips. Fortunately for you, our "Guide to College Life" section offers the right articles and first-hand accounts to help you make the right decisions. From staying healthy and learning to budget your time, to getting over homesickness and deciding whether the Greek life is for you, the CollegeBound Network is here to help.

  • College Life
    There are a variety of activities available once you make the transition from high school to college. From extracurriculars to campus happenings to sports and community service, college life is diverse and a different experience for each student. Discover what soon-to-be college students should know about freshman year survival.
  • College Money Management
    If you've never been responsible for handling your finances before, college is the perfect time to start learning. Money management may be difficult at first but you'll definitely learn the difference between impulse purchases and solid investments. College jobs will certainly aid in your financial stability and you may not be so willing to blow your hard-earned cash on just anything. This will be great practice for when you're out in the real world after graduation.
  • Campus Safety
    Learn the ins and outs of campus safety, what colleges are doing to keep you secure, and how to limit risky behavior that will cause nothing but trouble. From security measures on site to how the school's network protects your identity online, learning about campus safety is an important part of the college decision process.
  • College Health
    If you're going away to college, it's likely the first time in your life that you'll be in charge of your own health. Learn how to stay healthy at college, from maintaining your weight and avoiding the Freshman 15, to avoiding getting sick and not falling into unhealthy habits like binge drinking and frequent all-nighters. Also, when choosing a college, find out about campus health centers and clinics and nearby health care and hospitals, plus be sure to have your student health insurance matters in order -- you never know.
  • Freshman Year - What You Need to Know
    As you make the big transition from high school to college, there are some important things you need to know to make your freshman year a success.
  • College Survival Tips
    Learn some college survival tips from students who've been there, done that, before you step foot on campus as a confused freshman. College doesn't have to be as tough a transition as everyone makes it out to be, if you have a heads up. Consider these college survival tips a Freshman Year 101 required course.
  • College Student Stories
    Hear from real college students about what really goes on campus. These college student stories will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even scare you a little, but getting these student perspectives can teach as much as most freshman orientation programs. And, if nothing else, college student stories are certainly entertaining.