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College Financial Aid

To beat the college cash crunch, explore how the college financial aid process works, and make it work for you. Learn strategies to maximize college financial aid, get student loan to-knows, discover savings options, and pick up tips for filling out the FAFSA and other aid applications. It also helps to get expert insight into breaking down financial aid packages, financial aid negotiation tactics, how to get the most bang for your college buck, and more.

  • Strategies for Scoring College Scholarship Money
    Scoring college scholarship money is possible, and can supplement the cost of your education.
  • The Financial Aid Debate
    College tuition isn't getting any cheaper. How can you make sure you're getting the most for your college dollars?
  • Don't Fall Victim to a Financial Aid Scam
    There are many companies that offer help when it comes to paying for college. But how can you tell when a service is legit, and when it's a financial aid scam? Read this article to find out what to look for.
  • Apples, Oranges, and Student Loans
    Not all student loans are created equal. Read on to find out about an alternative to the usual.
  • Financial Aid Barriers
    Did you know that, until recently, if a college student was previously arrested for drug possession, they would be ineligible for federal financial aid?
  • Become a Money Savvy College Student
    Invest in these recommended reads in order to become a money savvy college student.
  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble -- Academic Style
    Getting bored with those predictable scholarship applications and essays? CB Teen has the solution: academic competitions that are big on fun and prizes.
  • College Scholarships for the Rest of Us
    College scholarships aren't all about sports and scholastics -- check out seven ways you can get college scholarships without being an athlete or a book worm.
  • Gimme a Break (On Tuition!)
    Some colleges are helping students afford college tuition by eliminating it altogether.
  • Podcasting about Financial Aid
    Podcasting about financial aid and college cash is the in thing.
  • A College Investment Strategy
    An economics professor offers insight into getting the best return on your college investment.
  • 11 Time-Tested Tips For Dealing with Financial Aid
    Rules for financial aid may change, but these 11 tidbits will always come in handy.
  • Jobs That Really Pay
    Some savvy students create alternative "jobs" based on study and service. They develop special talents, join school groups and start new ones, and serve their communities. They take those hours they could've spent at traditional jobs and improve themselves while earning cash for college. Take it from students who know.
  • Step-by-Step FAFSA SOS
    There are three sure things for college-bound students: death, taxes, and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Negotiating Your Teen's Financial Aid
    Does this sound familiar? Your teen is in a toss-up over the college he/she really wants to attend and that other good, but still second choice, college. Where he or she will actually end up all depends on who offers the best financial aid package, right? Not necessarily...
  • Figuring Out the Financial Aid Fuss
    Actually, there's no need to get all fussy about it, once you learn to conquer college money mania. Start by asking questions like these students did...
  • College for Athletes
    Choosing a college is never an easy task. When you throw sports into the equation, the selection process becomes even more difficult. Whether you're one of the fortunate few who are gifted enough to earn a full athletic scholarship, or if you're like thousands of others who will "walk on," you'll want to start planning as early as possible.
  • Academic Recruiting: Financial Aid with Merit?
    Financial aid is financial aid, isn't it? What if you work your butt off academically through high school ... just as hard as that star quarterback worked on the field to get his full athletic scholarship? No matter how hefty your parents' bank account, don't you, too, deserve a shot at tuition big bucks?
  • Financial Aid Lingo Frying Your Brain?
    Check out these need-to-know financial aid terms before you put your brain on the fritz.
  • Unwrapping the Package
    Reading your financial aid student award letter can sometimes seem like decoding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. To you, "aggregated amount for FFELP" might as well read "lyhbdsrhpo asgyub HHQLX." That's why CB Teen sought the help of Michael O'Brien, CEO and co-founder of
  • Begging for College Cash
    Ever since Karyn Bosnak paid off her $20,000 credit card debt by begging for cash on, students have been following her lead. But unlike Karyn, these scholars aren't raising money to afford their Starbucks lattes, Gucci purses, and BCBG tops--they need help finding college cash.
  • 10 FAQs About Financial Aid
    Between figuring out the FAFSA and pondering the "Have you decided on a major?" question, you've been dishing out a lot of answers lately. Surely you have queries of your own, so we rounded up the experts for answers to some of the toughest questions when it comes to financing your education.
  • Win the Financial Aid Tug of War
    Believe it or not, you do have pull in the college cash and financial aid struggle. See why...
  • Wheelin' and Dealin' for College Cash
    Before you refuse a college's offer due to lack of funds, though, think about this: You may be able to do a little wheelin' and dealin' of your own for a better financial aid package.
  • JUNIORS - Prepare Yourself: What to Do If You're Denied Financial Aid
    You've gotten into your dream school, but your financial aid package isn't exactly what you expected. What are your options now?
  • A Treasury of Financial Aid Terms
    Take a look at the following terms that will help you understand loans a little bit better.
  • Special Circumstances: Where Do I Fit into the Financial Aid Mix?
    The financial aid process is tough enough to figure out even when the instructions are right in front of you. What's even more frustrating, however, is when none of the directions seem to apply to you. Take a look at some common questions.
  • When it Comes to Financial Aid, Don't Act Like a Know-It-All!
    There are lots of opportunities when it comes to financial aid. Take a look at the possibilities.
  • My Rich Uncle Offers an Alternative to College Loans
    Imagine having a rich uncle who you've never met that's willing to loan you money toward your college education. Sound like something you'd appreciate, right? Well, we've found a rich uncle just for you: (MRU).
  • Should You Claim Your Independence?
    Paying for college can be difficult, but can claiming financial independence help ease the burden? We spoke with Michael O'Brien, CEO of, for the lowdown on whether or not you should assert your financial independence.
  • Look Before You Leap Into Debt
    Twenty percent of those who borrow for college drop out and are then left in debt, without the financial benefits that earning a college degree can provide.
  • Costs of a College Degree
    College degrees, if they're worth more than the paper they're printed on, don't come cheap. So just how much does college cost?
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About the New Higher Education Opportunity Act
    Assuming you won't sit down and read the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (it's 1,158 pages!), here are 10 things you need to know about the new law.
  • How Schools Are Reaching Out to Students Affected by the Credit Crunch
    Here's a statement upon which both Obama and McCain would agree: Young intellectuals dropping out of college in our current economic crisis will only weaken the economy in the long run. Colleges concur, and are finding ways to ensure that students survive the credit crunch.
  • Families Face Fierce Competition for Student Aid: Season Starts with Sharp Increase in Demand
    The student financial aid season started January 1, and early indications are that competition for the estimated $144 billion of federal, state, and institutional aid is likely to be fierce in the 2009-10 academic year.
  • Colleges Care: How They Are Helping Students Afford Tuition
    In these tough economic times, the cost of college can be downright overwhelming. Check out these new financial lifelines created by colleges to ensure that all students have access to higher ed.
  • The Ins and Outs of Claiming Financial Aid Independence
    Are you an independent student or a dependent student? Read these FAQ to learn more about your FAFSA student status for federal financial aid.
  • Want Your Parents to Foot the Bill for College? 9 Things You Need to Do
    Before you hit up your parents for their hard-earned cash, review these time-tested tips to ensure success.
  • 12 Financial Aid Secrets You Need to Land Some Cash for College
    Pssst! I've got a secret. A financial aid one. And I want to share it with you. In fact, I've got 12 financial aid secrets that might take the stress off your mind and put some cash in your pocket. Read on for some great financial aid tips from the pros that really make cents.
  • 10 College Costs That May Surprise You
    You may just associate "hidden costs" with shady car dealers, but surprise, surprise -- college is no exception.
  • Top 5 Things to Know About Financial Aid
    It's understandable if financial aid is not your favorite topic of discussion these days. But believe it or not, there are some bright spots in an otherwise bleak economic climate. Keep these five facts in mind so you can keep your head up as you navigate the college financial aid process.
  • Your Summer Financial To-Do List
    Instead of taking a gas-guzzling road trip this summer, why not get on the road to getting out of debt?
  • What do I do if my parents refuse to fill out the FAFSA?
    Three reasons parents won't fill out the FAFSA form and what to do if it happens to you.
  • College Savings & Taxes
    There are more ways to save for college than taking a paper route. Check out these tax credits, deductions, and college savings plans, all of which can help your family foot the bill for higher ed.
  • 529 College Savings Plan Basics
    If you're like the majority of parents preparing your kids for college, you've watched the unbelievable rise in tuition rates (5.4 percent!) over the past decade. Instead of panicking, get prepared by investing in a 529 college savings plan.
  • Get a Jump on College Financial Aid: The FAFSA Decoded
    When it comes to college financial aid, the one thing everyone recommends is filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Here's a step-by-step guide to get you through it.
  • Q&A with Kiplinger's Editor About College Value
    An interview about Kiplinger's annual college value reports and the concern about college costs and student debt.
  • Uncle Sam Is Friendlier to Half of College Students, Tax Study Shows