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Vermont College Life

This area lists articles pertaining to Vermont colleges and universities

  • Vermont State Universities Make Achievement Possible
    Vermont State Universities allow students to take their classroom lessons and extend them across campus and the world.
  • Vermont Colleges and Universities
    Vermont colleges and universities bring the warmth and personality of its small-town geography into the classroom.
  • College Extra Curriculars That Are Literally the Coolest
    In Burlinton, VT, the ultimate college ski town, extra curriculars have students boarding in the morning before class.
  • Victorian Style Dorming
    If you're totally ready to go away to college, but are dreading living in a "traditional/institutional" dorm, don't stress yourself to the breaking point just yet. There are colleges out there with more to offer than cell-block style. One such school is Champlain College (Burlington, VT). They set their students up in restored Victorian-era mansions!