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College internships can teach so much more about career advancement than a textbook can. Being an intern will give you professional experience, allow you to network with people in your future industry, and help you gain insight into a career field. Internships are really what you make of them, however, and that's why it's important to learn how to find and choose a good one, make the most out of your time there, and even turn the intern experience into a future career opportunity.

  • Never Eat Alone... While Doing an Internship
    Graduation is fast approaching. Before you know it, you'll be cast out into the real world. Relax... We're not talking about full-time employment, we're talking about internships.
  • An Ad-venturous College Major
    Tips and stories from one student's college major exploration into the advertising field.
  • Marketing Majors Benefit from Internships and Billboard Dreams
    Marketing majors have much to learn about the world of big-time advertising.
  • Judy’s Journalism Journey
    A glimpse into one broadcaster's journey in the world of communications and journalism.
  • An Inside Look at College Internships
    Get some tips on how to score a big college internship.
  • Life-Altering College Internships
    Each year, thousands of high school and college students work for some of the nation's leading nonprofits through a college internship.
  • I Did a College Internship With Mickey Mouse
    The Walt Disney World College Program is a powerful college internship, sprinkled with a little bit of pixie dust, and it was an irreplaceable experience for me.
  • Internships Rock, But... Working for Free...?
    Sure, working for free may not sound glamorous, but it might be the key to landing the job of your dreams. Take a look at what some college students had to say about the internship experience...
  • Summer Internships For Everyone!
    An internship is a great opportunity, but unfortunately not everyone is given the chance to participate in one. Here are some tips to ensure you don't miss out...
  • Need a Book Break? Get an Internship
    Good internships--where you aren't expected to go on coffee runs and make copies all day--are becoming easier and easier to find.
  • Part-Time Work Leads To Career Success and More
    What do Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, and Red Lobster have in common? Well, they taught me more about life after graduation than any long-winded professor or an $80 textbook...
  • Be Right for the Position: How to Ace the Interview
    Want to ace that interview and land the job or internship of your dreams? Here are some must-follow rules to guarantee success.
  • Navigating the Summer Job Maze
    With some help from your school, the Internet, and even the corporations you want to work for, you can find a summer job that is challenging, and that can contribute to your career after graduation.
  • Turn a Gopher Internship into Positive Experience
    Alright, I confess. I was a gopher. Not the Discovery Channel "Look at the cute little rodent" type, or the "Hi, I'm Gopher, I'll be your ship's steward here on the Love Boat" kind, but instead the "Hey, could you 'go-fer' a cup of coffee for me" type of gopher. Only I wasn't called a gopher -- I was called an intern.
  • Entertainment Internships Provide Star-Quality Career Exposure
    Unless you're related to a celeb, the hardest part of finding a career in the glam and glitz entertainment industry is simply getting your foot in the door. But for ambitious students, a college internship can be as good as a size 13, steel-toed boot custom-built for kicking that door right off its star-powered hinges.
  • Play the Internship Game
    Landing an internship in which coffee-making isn't top priority these days is like finding a parking spot at the mall around Christmas time -- you have to be quick to spot the openings and sharp enough to beat your competition.
  • Cover Yourself
    A cover letter is a chance to sell yourself to a prospective employer. Learn how you can improve your cover letter and your chances at a career.
  • Seven Lessons From Seven College Jobs
    I was only in it for the extra cash, so getting more out of a college job than a minimum-wage paycheck surprised me.
  • Hook Yourself Up by Kissing Up?
    Forget what you thought about teachers' pets, and take a lesson from the slick wannabe Trumps on "The Apprentice." Kissing up during an interview can help you score a sweet internship, so long as you can back up your pucker-up.
  • So Few Internships, So Little Time
    As internships are becoming more competitive, college students have to find ways to stand out from the crowd and land the internship of their dreams.
  • Following the Yellow Brick Road to Hollywood
    Hollywood is my Emerald City, and knowing that to get there I would need experience more than ruby red slippers, I interned everywhere I could.
  • Internships: The Ultimate Career Tryout
    If you're embarking on an "intern-ship" this term, make sure you check out these 10 quick tips for interning success.