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Academic Specialties

When it comes to choosing and getting into college, or taking your education to the next level, it's all about specifically understanding the ins and outs of your options. Read more about specialized programs of study, college types, and education alternatives to pinpoint what will best suit your goals.

  • Gap Year Programs
    If you're intrigued by the idea of spending the year after high school experiencing something other than the books -- volunteering abroad, traveling Europe, or pursuing an alternative endeavor, a gap year is for you. Here, some ideas about making the most of your time before college.
  • High School Alternatives
    The best thing you could ever do for your career and future earnings is to finish high school. Find out about your options, including online high school, getting your GED, and other high school alternatives.
  • Military Opportunities
    Military opportunities are all around you. From high schools that prep students to enter the military upon their graduation, to colleges and universities that welcome members of the military home with discounts and flexible scheduling. All you need to do, is find the military opportunities that are best suited to your needs.
  • Study Abroad
    When it comes to learning, the world is your classroom. Study abroad allows you to create the learning itinerary of your dreams! Explore new locales, become fluent via language immersion, experience a foreign culture, pursue volunteer and teaching projects, even live with a host family. With more and more study abroad opportunities available than ever before, learn how to make the most of your studies in the global classroom.
  • Christian Colleges
    Christian colleges offer students a unique faith-based higher education.
  • Boarding Schools
    Just as there are many types of students, there are many types of boarding schools, each specializing in a particular area of education. Learn more about the different types of boarding schools available around the world, and be better equipped to evaluate your own situation.