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  • Academic Specialties
    When it comes to choosing and getting into college, or taking your education to the next level, it's all about specifically understanding the ins and outs of your options. Read more about specialized programs of study, college types, and education alternatives to pinpoint what will best suit your goals.
  • An Intro to Schools and Careers
    Start learning about the types of schools you can attend, whether you're gearing up for high school or college, how to get started on the career of your dreams, and what to remember as you start touring prospective campuses. From what questions to ask during a college campus tour to the best way to write a resume, "Intro to Schools and Careers" has you covered.
  • CollegeBound Today
    What's going on in the world of college admission is important to keep on top of, which is why "CollegeBound Today" focuses on the latest in college life, college trends, high school happenings, and more!
  • Getting Into College
    Getting into college might be a scary thing, but it's an inevitable process you'll need to go through in order to get where you want to go. What should you do first? Where do you turn? What are the tests like? What should you look for? There are so many questions that arise during the admissions process that it may be overwhelming. But never fear! Our getting into college articles will help prepare you and get you where you want to be.
  • Guide to College Life
    Adjusting to college life isn't an easy task. Whether you're struggling to budget yourself, make friends, or simply keep your grades up, chances are you could use a little advice and a more than a few tips. Fortunately for you, our "Guide to College Life" section offers the right articles and first-hand accounts to help you make the right decisions. From staying healthy and learning to budget your time, to getting over homesickness and deciding whether the Greek life is for you, the CollegeBound Network is here to help.
  • Inside the Classroom
    What can you expect when you get to college? You'll certainly need to make some major decisions, especially if you haven't chosen which major you want to pursue just yet. College isn't just a party - it's about academics and taking the path to your career. Explore college majors, college programs, college courses, and more when you enter college and step inside the classroom.
  • International Students
    Eager for better academic options? An education from an American college or university can give international students the career credentials and knowledge you need to get where you're aspiring to go.
  • Outside the Classroom
    College isn't always about hitting the books. Many of your best memories and lessons will take place outside of the classroom as you learn more about yourself and others. Whether it's extracurricular activities, study abroad programs, or just getting along with your roommate, there's always something to experience and learn when you're pursuing higher education. For tips, trends, and first-hand tales, check out our "Outside the Classroom" articles.
  • Parents Portal
    The college admissions and college transition process is difficult for not only college-bound teens, but their parents and families as well. From figuring out the dynamics of who makes the final college decision and who is paying the tuition, to dealing with independence issues, missing mom's home cooking, and empty-nest syndrome, the college transition is really a family affair. And with just the right amount of support from parents of college-bound students, there really can be a such thing as a big, happy college-bound family.
  • Specialized Study
    From real estate certificates to leadership, sales, enterepreneurship programs, and more, specialized study will enable you to find your career niche.
  • The CB Grab Bag
    Interested in college trends, technology, celeb info, teen issues, and a fun quiz or two? Then "The CB Grab Bag" is where you want to be. Find out what celebs are secretly brainiacs, which trends have swept campuses, and how others feel about the topics you care about. You can even grab a pen and take one of our quizzes to find out what kind of student -- or party animal -- you are!