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Weird Graduation Gifts

The CollegeBound Network | June 13, 2012

Graduates are breaking out into the real world, preparing to take life by the horns. So what do you get that special someone to show them how proud you are? We already gave you some great ideas for high school grad gifts, so we thought we’d offer some suggestions for college grads, too.

Hint: Helping pay back loans is always a good gift idea. But since that’s probably out of reach for most people, consider one of these “clever” gift ideas that will surely be remembered forever.


For the graduate who doesn’t mind being the butt of the joke, or drink from one, this mug will. It says to them, “I know you graduated, but you’re still an ___ to me.” ($8.75)




Paying back loans and scanning the job market leaves little time to eat for a new graduate. Save them time by giving them this corn dog maker. Not even a trip to the drive thru can beat the convenience of dinner on a stick! ($26.99)




Some graduates might be looking forward to moving out and being on their own. For the others, a pet is a great source of companionship. A goldfish or cat would be great, but for a more distinguished pet, a goat is your best bet. Check your local pet store for availability or head to a nearby zoo.




Job searching is strenuous and often uncomfortable. Make sure the graduate in your life is hunting in complete comfort and style in this leather recliner with cup-holder with laptop desk top. Toilet not included. ($1299)




Graduates moving back home from a dorm might not be used to the smell of fresh laundry and clean covers. Make the transition a little bit easier with this “not so fresh” smelling candle. ($6.95)




Many graduates end up graduating without ever fully appreciating what got them through those years of stress and studying… their brain. Inspire them every time they take a trip to the fridge with a real life look at that big, beautiful brain of theirs. ($10)



With just about everything being simpler thanks to computers, graduates are probably not as prepared as they should be dressing for job interviews. With these computer chip cufflinks, they will not only impress with their style, they will sure be inspired by how something so small can do so much! (19.95)



Luckily for you, vintage is in. That old typewriter you had is now the admiration of every graduate. If you still don’t have a fully functioning one for the graduate in your life, this belt buckle version is less functional, but lighter and just as trendy! ($20)



 -James Lohse

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