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The CollegeBound Oscars

The CollegeBound Network | February 26, 2014

With the 86th Academy Awards airing this coming weekend, we thought it would be fun to hand out a few awards of our own — college-bound style! While there won’t be any pre-awards red carpet coverage or celebrities dressed in pricey gowns and diamond jewelry for our awards, we hope you’ll enjoy our show, which we promise will not keep you up past midnight.

And the awards go to…

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Our Paying for College Advice, Featured on!

The CollegeBound Network | February 19, 2014

We were thrilled for the opportunity to share some thoughts on the value of a college education, how to afford it, and the creative ways people are saving thousands of dollars.

Head on over to for the full article, and let us know what other financial aid and college topics you’d like to know more about. [Read More]

College Olympians Bring Smarts and Skills to Sochi

Dawn Papandrea | February 12, 2014

And you thought you had a busy schedule! Imagine studying for finals while training for the Olympics?

A big shout out and big cheers to Westminster College’s 23 student Olympians who are representing Team USA in Sochi right now. As reported in Forbes, the Westminster contingent represents 10 percent of the 230-person team, more than any other school. [Read More]

These College Students Earn an A in Winter Fun

Dawn Papandrea | February 10, 2014

While college students all across the country suffer through a brutal winter full of Polar Vortex cold, snow, and ice, Paul Smith’s College students wouldn’t have it any other way. As the only four-year college in the New York Adirondacks, they know cold, but instead of sleeping away their snow days, they incorporate the frigid outdoors into their coursework and extracurricular activities.

In fact, the Paul Smith’s College Visitor Interpretive Center (VIC) encourages students to explore miles of nature trails all year long. From cross-country skiing to owl watching to maple sugaring to winter astronomy, Paul Smith students laugh and learn in the face of winter. Take a look… [Read More]

When a friend recently sought advice about her daughter’s financial aid situation (she hadn’t been offered anything from her top choice college), I was surprised to hear that she didn’t fill out the FAFSA. She was under the impression that because the school required the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, that that was all she had to do. I thought to myself, doesn’t everyone know that they have to complete the FAFSA?

Apparently, confusion is common among college financial aid applicants who are asked to complete the more in-depth aid application administered by The College Board. According to The New York Times, a lawmaker is looking into some misleading PROFILE instructions/information given by colleges that require both forms. In those cases, people were made to think that the PROFILE was a requirement for Federal aid.

With so much misinformation out there, it’s time to set the record straight. Here’s what you need to know about the two major financial aid applications… [Read More]

On the Presidential Agenda: Rape-Free College Campuses

The CollegeBound Network | January 27, 2014

You’ve probably heard about the horrifying statistics when it comes to date rapes and sexual assaults that take place on our nation’s college and university campuses. And then there are the scores of other incidents that go unreported.

There’s almost an unspoken rule that what happens at drunken college parties stays at drunken college parties. A culture in which girls are taught not to leave their drinks unattended, but young men aren’t necessarily taught that attacking a girl who’s drunk or says no isn’t OK. And then of course, there are the scandals, the coverups when promising college athletes are involved, and on the flip side, the false accusations made by misguided, vengeful young women.

President Obama is making it his personal mission to change the culture of rape on campus… [Read More]

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you probably know that we usually encourage taking college rankings with a grain of salt. They can certainly be useful, insightful, and encourage you to do further research on institution you may not have been aware of, but “top colleges” lists should be only one (minor) component of your research. [Read More]

With all the negativity in the headlines, it’s a welcome treat to read about heartwarming acts of kindness, or watch a viral video along those lines. Here’s one with an educational spin that made us a little misty… [Read More]