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college dorm move in checklist and tipsMove-in day is a stressful but significant mark that brings with it the excitement (and the anxiety!) that you are actually going to college. From adorning your new “home-away-from-home” to saying your goodbyes to the family who’ve stood by you all your life, let’s just say it’s a crazy day! That’s why we’re stepping in with some useful tips and handy-dandy dorm checklist from hhgregg (the electronics and home appliance retailer)…

Tip #1 – Do NOT put dorm shopping off until the last minute.

Not only will shopping around 50 other stressed-out college students drive you nuts, most things will be sold out and/or more expensive. Get a move on and start early.

Tip #2 – Make sure you have everything you need to check-in on move-in day.

Are all your vaccinations up to date? Are your transcripts in? Do you have your student ID? These are crucial items that most, if not all, universities require in order to give you your room key.

Tip #3 – Pack smart.

This is pretty obvious but packing really needs to be done meticulously. After you’ve looked at boxes and containers for hours, you want everything organized so you’re not running around your dorm going from putting clothes away to unpacking your Keurig.

Tip #4 – Make friends with your RA!

It can be tough to remember that resident assistants are college students just like you trying to earn some extra cash. They are just doing their jobs. Making friends with them the week you get there will benefit you and them. Everyone wants be well- liked by their floor, and it could even get you out of a loud music citation in the future….

Tip #5 – Get involved!

Don’t be the girl who just sits in her room when she gets to school, even if you are living in a single. This is the time in college where everyone is the most open to meeting new people. Resident Hall Councils and resident assistants will go out of their way to plan activities from the very moment you arrive. Be sure to go to your building’s ice cream social or your floor’s movie night – you won’t regret it!

Tip # 6 – Use a handy dandy back-to-school checklist.

This one from hhgregg is a great one. Print away!



Vanessa Burnam

Vanessa Burnam is a summer 2014 intern for The CollegeBound Network and will be studying communications at Florida Gulf Coast University this fall.

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