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From Hermione at Hogwarts to Watson at Brown

The CollegeBound Network | July 21, 2009

emma-watson1gAs some of you may remember, we reported back in October that Emma Watson, who plays none other than Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, had been touring a few U.S. college campuses. Now we can happily report that Watson has made her choice: Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Watson will join approximately 1,300 other students as Brown’s Class of 2013. We’re sure Professor Dumbledore would be very proud.

— Genevieve M. Blaber

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  • Samantha

    sooooo cool

  • Maja

    Are you serious?! Brown?! That’s an ivy league, it’s crazy hard to get into. Is she that smart or is it just because shes famous? :@

  • To Maja: I think she got in because she starred in major films such as Harry Potter and critics approve of her acting. And she’s pretty and talented, of course. If Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint tried out, they would get in too. Maye, they’d even be invited. Well, I don’t get why she didn’t go for Harvard.

  • May

    she is so cool, i wish i were her!!!

  • White

    No, its not just ‘cos she’s famous on her website it says she has a fistful of GCSEs (exams we do in England instead of SATs). I did well, but she beat me!
    So no its not just because she is famous, but i expect that might have made them more likely to accept her. After all, who wouldn’t want to have Emma Watson at their college in Uni

  • Luke

    Emma is beautiful in appearence and personality, its her choice where she goes, and Em does have a good list of GcSe’s under her belt as well. I think it won’t be her main place of stay for studies, bcause of the time Em’ll want for holidays. The University will let her do what she wants as em is famous.

  • emmanuel

    she is very beautiful,that i am crazy for she!!!

  • Jo

    To Maja and Melissa: even though she’s a good actress she’s really clever too she got TEN A*!! and 2 A’s at GCSE’s and she’s got 4 a-levels (which is the max u can take) all at A’s too! i was like wooow!!!!

  • melissa

    Commenting again, i think that although Emma did great for her A Levels, it’s still unbelievably hard to get into Brown. Either her fame helped a great deal, or she’s as genius as Hermione Granger. Love ya Emma.

  • Iain

    She Really Is An Amazin Lass And Very Tallented. She Deserves To Get Into Brown. I’d Really Want To Meet Somebody Like Her 😀 😛

  • SevSnape

    No. She got in because she’s smart.

  • Hafiz from Afghanistan

    I just knew Emma as an actress, I think she is the most beautigul British actress.
    No wonder that by seeing her at once, I fell in love with her. Emma, I love you, love you, love you.
    Hafiz from Afghanistan

  • verito

    es super

  • -Al-

    Interesting choice. I would have stayed in Britain if I were her. Good for her though. I’m Canadian myself, and was interested in going to university in the US, as I had an interest in playing NCAA hockey. Even with SAT scores well within the top 5% and an IQ of approximately 150, I found it extremely difficult to get into the Ivy league schools. She must be quite intelligent and a hard worker to have gotten in there, even with the fame. Also, I don’t like the misconception though that people have about Ivy league schools. The Ivy league is, and always has been, nothing more than an athletic conference. I hear California’s Stanton University is one of the best in the US. They’re not Ivy league though. So where do people get the idea that Ivy league means elite?

  • MGL

    soo cool
    I lke her soo much, so cute
    I wish i could meet her,
    I am In Providence right now!

  • eres una persona admirable te quiero mucho felisidades por todo el esfuezo que has echo si gue asi

  • maham

    I think she at least made a sensible decision because acting is not her thing.

  • Martine

    Sure, Ivy is just a football league on paper, but it is elite. Places like Brown choose students for different reasons. Its a more liberal school then much of the Ivy league. Im sure her fame has a lot to do with her acceptance. Im sure they expect that she will try for something to do with acting. if they have a drama program, they will expect her to go there. Its not like she is going to major in Economics. Or at least lets hope not for her sake and for Browns sake, because there are smarter people around.

  • Hi Emma watson sent me a letter to Hardwick primary school.
    can you rember

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