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College Campus Horrors and How to Survive Them

Dawn Papandrea | September 10, 2015

shutterstock_37935349They’re scary and they’re kooky, obnoxious and spooky — they’re the stuff of your college campus nightmares! If you want to survive the potential horrors of dorm life you’ll need to sharpen your stakes, put on your garlic necklaces, and — oh, nevermind… just read this post and keep your guard up!

The Vampire Friends Back Home – They try to suck the lifeblood from you by being a negative source of energy and telling you about all that you’re missing, but don’t let the “Debbie Downer” types ruin your college experience. Staying connected to those back home is great, but you’re also entitled to a fresh start in college.

Your survival plan: Set aside specific time to FaceTime with your old friends, but don’t let communication overload cut into your new social life. Definitely make plans for when you travel home on breaks or visits, but focus on creating new experiences with the people around you at college.

The Mummy Roommate – Wrapped so tightly, the mummy roommate is quiet, almost lifeless, leaving you feeling like you’re living solo. Of course, there are roommates who are way more horrifying as well.

Your survival plan: Get him or her to open up by extending an invitation to hang out, or ordering in some pizza (which always works like a charm!). Once you get talking, you’ll get the chance to bond over bad cafeteria food bashing.

The Zombie Workload – As if the reanimated shower slime wasn’t bad enough, it seems like every time you conquer your homework pile, it keeps coming back to life. It’s true that college coursework — especially the reading — requires lots of brains. But remember: you’re spending less time in class, so of course you have to put in more time on your own.

Your survival plan: You’ll end up like the Walking Dead if you try to pull too many all-nighters, so try to tackle your workload day by day. Use tactics and tools to manage your time, and find some study buddies to power through the midterm and finals apocalypse.

The Witch Professor – Moody and attitude-y doesn’t adequately describe the witch professor, but they are out there, so beware. With so many students to teach, however, he or she might simply be overwhelmed or busy.

Your survival plan: The best way to deal is to show up on time, pay attention, and duck out as quietly as you can when class is over. Then, make an appointment to check in during designated office hours, and you just might discover he or she is a little less wicked that you thought.

The Phantom Bank Account – Whenever it’s time to pay a bill or go out for some fun, money seems to vanish into thin air. Once you’re on your own in college, you’ll have to learn how to budget and creatively stretch your dollars, so you can avoid the dreaded debt monster.

Your survival plan: Start keeping track of every dollar you spend to see where you’re wasting your money, and take advantage of student discounts and freebies whenever possible.

What was the scariest thing you encountered at college?

Dawn Papandrea

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