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Martin Luther King’s college career is definitely worthy of recognition, as he is one of our nation’s most famous graduates of a historically black college and university. Check out these five facts about the education King received on his way to making a lasting impact on our country before his assassination in 1968. [Read More]

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On the Presidential Agenda: Rape-Free College Campuses

The CollegeBound Network | January 27, 2014

You’ve probably heard about the horrifying statistics when it comes to date rapes and sexual assaults that take place on our nation’s college and university campuses. And then there are the scores of other incidents that go unreported.

There’s almost an unspoken rule that what happens at drunken college parties stays at drunken college parties. A culture in which girls are taught not to leave their drinks unattended, but young men aren’t necessarily taught that attacking a girl who’s drunk or says no isn’t OK. And then of course, there are the scandals, the coverups when promising college athletes are involved, and on the flip side, the false accusations made by misguided, vengeful young women.

President Obama is making it his personal mission to change the culture of rape on campus… [Read More]

bleach balloon allegations at University of Texas at Austin

It’s not everyday that the sight of a water balloon scares you. But for students at the University of Texas at Austin, that’s a whole other story. In the “Well, that’s not an email you read everyday” category, we received the following statement yesterday morning that will explain further…

[Read More]

Best Schools List Features Unexpected Colleges

Lori Johnston | February 20, 2013

Nontraditional, smaller schools on top of this special ranking of colleges.

Elite schools often capture the headlines when rankings of top colleges and universities are released annually. But it can be discouraging, as there’s heavy competition to get into Ivy League schools and other major public universities, and the price tag may seem too high for your college budget.

One recent ranking, by, a higher education website, puts the spotlight on strong colleges that often don’t get a spot in other rankings. Some of these schools are nontraditional and may be considered a best kept secret among graduates, but they’re getting attention now. [Read More]

Student Athletes Suffer Social Media Attacks

Robyn Tellefsen | January 9, 2013

How many of us have gone to a game and yelled at the players who weren’t doing what we thought they should? Angry shouts in the stadium may get drowned out in the din of the crowd, but blasts on social media are in black and white for all the world – including the athletes themselves – to see. [Read More]

A Case for College: A Degree Has Economic Benefits

Robyn Tellefsen | January 7, 2013

We’ve all read stories and statistics of individuals who have achieved success without a college degree. After all, the traditional college route is not for everyone, and we fully acknowledge that fact. [Read More]

The Biggest College Stories and Trends of 2012

Robyn Tellefsen | December 30, 2012

This was the year of Pinterest, flash mobs, “Gangnam Style,” and so much more. (The U.S. Naval Academy, Military Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Air Force Academy, and Coast Guard Academy have even created their own versions of the PSY song and dance craze!). Take a stroll with us down memory lane to relive some of the biggest college moments of 2012. [Read More]

If you’re among the many college-bound or college students affected by Sandy, here are some other helpful programs going on this week to be aware of… Good luck to you all! [Read More]