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An SAT Prep Plan for Juniors and Seniors

The CollegeBound Network | October 21, 2013

What can we say: We’ve got SAT prep on the brain lately (read last week’s post on how your handwriting on the SAT writing section is more important than you think!). That’s why we caught up with Ashish Rangnekar, CEO of BenchPrep, an interactive test prep provider, to score some SAT strategies perfect for juniors gearing up for the spring exam, and seniors who are just a couple of weeks away. [Read More]

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Imagine if your job was to read and grade hundreds of essays, and by the end of the day, you grab one that is barely legible. You can make out most of it, but a few chicken-scratched words here and there keep interrupting the flow of the writing.

You’re of course, not supposed to hold poor penmanship against the writer since only the content of the essay is graded, but isn’t it possible that human nature just might bias you toward thinking the sloppy appearance is indicative of sloppily put together prose? [Read More]

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If you’re among the many college-bound or college students affected by Sandy, here are some other helpful programs going on this week to be aware of… Good luck to you all! [Read More]

The Impact of Hurricane Sandy on College Admission

Robyn Tellefsen | November 9, 2012

impact of hurricane sandy on college admissions

As Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast, many were left without power for days, rendered homeless, or even lost loved ones.

Another side effect of all this devastation? An impact on students who were hard at work on their college applications. But colleges have responded to the crisis to ensure that students who have been impacted by the storm won’t be penalized for a late application. [Read More]

SAT Facts to Get in Touch With Your Testing Side

The CollegeBound Network | October 16, 2012

To get you geared up for our all-SAT #CollegeBound chat on Wednesday, 10/17, we thought we’d share some fun SAT facts. How many of them did you know? [Read More]

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Three Ways to Boost Your SAT Score

Lori Johnston | October 15, 2012

It’s getting close to the first SAT date (on Nov. 3) and you may be feeling the panic to get prepared for the test.

The SAT is offered six times in the U.S. this school year, so performing well the first time around can be beneficial and keep you from having to retake the test, which colleges use during the admissions process. [Read More]

Sing it with us… “School’s out for summer!”

With the craziness of junior year winding down, I bet the last thing you want to think about is more work this summer. But it’s not time to take it easy just yet. It’s crunch time, and the work you do now can make your life much less stressful this fall. Here are some ways to make the most of your summer before senior year. [Read More]

Don’t Neglect SAT Prep This Summer

Robyn Tellefsen | May 30, 2012

No matter how smart you are, it would be foolish not to spend time preparing for the SAT, that all-important test that factors hugely into your scholarship and college admission opportunities. But there’s plenty of time for that – no need to waste your precious summer months on SAT prep, right? Wrong.

Here are the top reasons to keep SAT prep at the forefront of your mind this summer… [Read More]