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Surviving the Back-to-College Jitters [infographic]

Gina LaGuardia | October 29, 2014

Curbing the college-bound jitters

Students of all ages have been known to contract a case of the back-to-school jitters. Fear of the unknown can even lead to some serious pre-college stress. But take a deep breath — every fear has its foil….

Enter The CollegeBound Network! We may not have a cape or a stake to take to the heart of college admissions, but we are equipped with weapons of mass information!

After all, the more you know, the better off you are. (Just think about how the “smart” girls are the only ones to usually survive in all those horror films!)

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College Admissions Trends: What Will 2014 Bring?

Dawn Papandrea | January 2, 2014

New year, same old pressures when it comes to getting into the college of your dreams, right? While many things do inevitably stay the same (needing a good GPA and decent SAT score to have a fighting chance at your reach schools), there are some trends that we predict will slightly alter the college admissions process in 2014.

Let’s take a peek at the CollegeBound crystal ball, shall we?

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If you’re in the throes of Black Friday shenanigans or are gearing up for Cyber Monday fever, you’re probably putting a lot of thought into the holiday shopping process. Here’s how you can get a two-in-one college application bang for your buck… Keep that momentum going by applying what you’ll learn up and down the aisles to the college selection process. [Read More]

Will Your College Application Pass the Google Test?

The CollegeBound Network | November 13, 2013

We warned you over a year ago that social media #fails could have a direct affect on your college applications. This week, that warning has been confirmed by a new survey that has nearly one third of college admissions officers admitting to Googling their candidates to help narrow the playing field. Ask yourself this right now: If a college Googled you, what would it find? [Read More]

College in Canada: 5 To-Knows for Studying North of the Border

The CollegeBound Network | October 28, 2013

Today’s guest post comes from Jeremy Bernard, a writer with Equals6, an online community for students.

This year, thousands of students from the US will cross the border to study in Canada. While many go there to save money, there’s a lot more to think about before you head north. Here are five key things to consider about attending a Canadian university… [Read More]

An SAT Prep Plan for Juniors and Seniors

The CollegeBound Network | October 21, 2013

What can we say: We’ve got SAT prep on the brain lately (read last week’s post on how your handwriting on the SAT writing section is more important than you think!). That’s why we caught up with Ashish Rangnekar, CEO of BenchPrep, an interactive test prep provider, to score some SAT strategies perfect for juniors gearing up for the spring exam, and seniors who are just a couple of weeks away. [Read More]

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Imagine if your job was to read and grade hundreds of essays, and by the end of the day, you grab one that is barely legible. You can make out most of it, but a few chicken-scratched words here and there keep interrupting the flow of the writing.

You’re of course, not supposed to hold poor penmanship against the writer since only the content of the essay is graded, but isn’t it possible that human nature just might bias you toward thinking the sloppy appearance is indicative of sloppily put together prose? [Read More]

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Create Your Own College Rankings

Dawn Papandrea | September 12, 2013

No disrespect to the fine folks crunching all the data, numbers, and surveys to come up with their college rankings, but we’re loving this idea so much better: Custom college rankings, based on the criteria you care about! The concept, at least, is a great idea — now we just have to try it out and see how it’s executed… [Read More]