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If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you probably know that we usually encourage taking college rankings with a grain of salt. They can certainly be useful, insightful, and encourage you to do further research on institution you may not have been aware of, but “top colleges” lists should be only one (minor) component of your research. [Read More]

What’s Your College Major Worth?

Dawn Papandrea | September 26, 2013

If you’re hoping for workplace success right out of the college gates, then you’ll want to study this list compiled by Kiplinger’s of the Best Majors for Your Career. The top ones were chosen based on them leading to better-than-average employment rates for recent grads, good entry level earnings, and strong potential for job growth in the industry.

Did you major make the cut? Find out below…

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Post-grad students are often found struggling within their job search, sometimes clueless about where or how to even begin to look for a job. However, I can guarantee that those struggling would say the job search begins after graduation – FALSE! It begins way before.

No matter what school you attend, they most likely have some kind of Career Services. See how the one at the University of Richmond in Virginia is helping shape careers… [Read More]

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Artistic Career Inspiration from the 2013 VMAs

Michelle Grossman | August 22, 2013

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards are just around the corner. Being held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, August 25th, this will mark the 30th installment of this award show.

However, as we watch Rihanna accept the award (fingers crossed!) for Best Female Video for “Stay,” we might find our eyes fixated on something other than her always-fabulous ensemble. For the past 29 award shows, the VMA’s Moonman award has maintained the same look, but this year he will debut his extreme makeover, even more dramatic than Beyonce’s new haircut!

And behind the makeover? A tremendously talented artist aspiring art students can learn from… [Read More]

How to Land that First Job After College

Dawn Papandrea | May 21, 2013

Don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to finding a job after graduation. The doom and gloom being portrayed on the news isn’t the whole story. That from Phyllis A. Mooney, executive director of career services at Pace University. “What’s been reported about the economy about how grads are not able to find jobs is the opposite of what I’ve been experiencing. The entry level market is astoundingly strong,” she says. In fact, the Pace career services office gets more postings than it can fill.

Here’s what Mooney had to say about finding and landing a great first job after college… [Read More]

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Where Will You Go After You Graduate?

Dawn Papandrea | May 1, 2013

If you’re trying to map out a post-graduation career plan, Kiplinger has some recommendations for you. In its 10 Best Cities for New Grads, the list identifies cities that have strong job potential, a reasonable cost of living, and something most young people are interested in — an active social scene.

Of course, you shouldn’t feel the need to pack your bags just yet. Depending on the industry of choice, and your comfort level with relocating, your hometown or current place of residence can suit you just fine.

Still, it’s fun to take a peek in case you’re considering a change of scenery… [Read More]

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Start Creating Your Career Future Freshman Year

Robyn Tellefsen | October 4, 2012

The college decision is a big one, and once that’s behind you, you might be tempted to think you can take it easy for a bit. Just choose a major, and then wait a few years to face the reality of the working world. Not so fast.

A successful career search doesn’t start junior or senior year of college – it starts freshman year. The more mindful you are of your career plans from the start, the better use you can make of all your school has to offer. [Read More]

Can College Electives Help You Land a Job?

Robyn Tellefsen | September 13, 2012

Every college student’s schedule contains a delicate balance of required general education courses and courses for a major. In addition, many students are fortunate enough to discover a few open credit hours to fill with whatever their hearts desire. These voluntary courses — electives — offer students the opportunity to have a little fun or explore a subject not covered in their other courses.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking electives are just for blowing off steam. As it turns out, your electives can actually give you a leg up on the job hunt after graduation. Take a look at a few of the top electives that can propel you to the front of the employment line. [Read More]