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nonprofit colleges online psychology program rankingsNon-profit or not-for-profit seem to be popular terms lately. People are always attracted to companies that are not consumed by the bottom line and the “all-mighty dollar.” It’s no wonder non-profit colleges are being quite vocal about priding themselves on putting “students before profits,” as they say.

Enter, a a web publication dedicated to promoting non-profit colleges and universities that offer online degrees. Recently, the website published specific rankings of the most affordable non-profit online undergraduate programs in psychology. Some schools even earned a special and unique honor for what recognizes as putting “Education Before the Bottom Line.”

The list ranks the top 50 regionally accredited not-for-profit colleges and universities offering either fully online or partially online/on campus psychology bachelor’s degree programs. The schools that made the cut come at a more affordable cost to students, cites the report, especially compared to other colleges.

Topping the list:

  • Northwestern State University of Louisiana with an estimated out-of-state, four year and full-time tuition cost of $19,736.
  • Fort Hays University, in Hays, KS, is #2 with a cost of $23,126.
  • Columbia College of Missouri is third at a price of $31,200.

Some of the other schools on the list included Pennsylvania State University, Arizona State University, Baker College, Michigan University, and City University of New York School of Professional Studies.

The rankings ordered schools by lowest tuition rates to highest, regardless of academic rank. (Typical publications rank most, if not all, of these psychology programs among other top programs.)

As the field of psychology continues to grow, it is noteworthy for students interested in this field to recognize some of these schools despite the fact that the system by which the rankings were formulated may not be foolproof.

According to editor Liz Robertson, “the programs on this list show that it is possible for aspiring, nontraditional students to earn a nationally-recognized psychology degree from a quality online college or university more interested in providing a great educational experience than lining the pockets of corporate shareholders” says Robertson.

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