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What Will Dorm Life Be Like? An Illustration

The CollegeBound Network | September 3, 2013

We just love this cool infographic from the folks at Their “Anatomy of a College Dorm Room,” is a clever way to pack in some great tips on what you’ll need in your college home away from home.

Give it a look… [Read More]

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6 Ways to Better Manage Your Money During School

James Torres | September 21, 2015

6 ways to better manage your money in college

If you’re a college student and you’ve opened this article, your first response to the title may have been, “Money? What money?” From Ramen dinners to free movie screenings, college is in many ways defined by its financial limitations. Not having a lot of money while you’re in school simply reinforces your need to manage it as best you can. Balancing your academic and social life in college is certainly tough, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges you’re going to face once you graduate, including trying to land a job, supporting yourself, and paying back those hefty student loans. To learn how to better manage your finances and put yourself in the best possible position for success after you don the cap and gown, read on. [Read More]

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College Campus Horrors and How to Survive Them

Dawn Papandrea | September 10, 2015

They’re scary and they’re kooky, obnoxious and spooky — they’re the stuff of your college campus nightmares! If you want to survive the potential horrors of dorm life you’ll need to sharpen your stakes, put on your garlic necklaces, and — oh, nevermind… just read this post and keep your guard up! [Read More]

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My Story: Retreat for Freshman Leaders

Vanessa Burnam | July 31, 2015

Our summer intern Vanessa Burnam is about to embark on her college career at Florida Gulf Coast University. When we found out she was invited to experience a leadership retreat designed for freshman at the school, we asked she share her experiences… [Read More]

Martin Luther King’s college career is definitely worthy of recognition, as he is one of our nation’s most famous graduates of a historically black college and university. Check out these five facts about the education King received on his way to making a lasting impact on our country before his assassination in 1968. [Read More]

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nonprofit colleges online psychology program rankings

Non-profit or not-for-profit seem to be popular terms lately. People are always attracted to companies that are not consumed by the bottom line and the “all-mighty dollar.” It’s no wonder non-profit colleges are being quite vocal about priding themselves on putting “students before profits,” as they say. [Read More]

Surviving the Back-to-College Jitters [infographic]

Gina LaGuardia | October 29, 2014

Curbing the college-bound jitters

Students of all ages have been known to contract a case of the back-to-school jitters. Fear of the unknown can even lead to some serious pre-college stress. But take a deep breath — every fear has its foil….

Enter The CollegeBound Network! We may not have a cape or a stake to take to the heart of college admissions, but we are equipped with weapons of mass information!

After all, the more you know, the better off you are. (Just think about how the “smart” girls are the only ones to usually survive in all those horror films!)

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With a name like “Robodawgs,” it’s no wonder this high school robotics team is gaining national attention. The Grandville High School team is touted as one of the most accomplished teams in the country to build competitive robots that drive, fly, cruise the surface of lakes and rivers, dive underwater, and soar into the stratosphere.


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college dorm move in checklist and tips

Move-in day is a stressful but significant mark that brings with it the excitement (and the anxiety!) that you are actually going to college. From adorning your new “home-away-from-home” to saying your goodbyes to the family who’ve stood by you all your life, let’s just say it’s a crazy day! That’s why we’re stepping in with some useful tips and handy-dandy dorm checklist from hhgregg (the electronics and home appliance retailer)… [Read More]

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