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Nebraska Colleges & Universities

Students who attend Nebraska colleges and universities do so in the Great Plains state of the central United States. And great is the ideal word to use for the opportunities it presents college-bound students.

People who school at universities in Nebraska are usually in awe of what they find. They arrive with expectations as varied and as vast as the weather, but they always seem to leave amazed after having learned about Nebraska's unique unpredictability. From art museums to the frontier military posts, and historic museums to world-class zoos, Nebraska colleges offer various learning opportunities beyond the classroom and across its horizons. There are agri-tourism spots, golf courses, and fun events, too, for students looking for a book break.

And if you're worried about weather, Nebraska has a typical continental climate, with wide seasonal variations in temperature.

Did you know Nebraska's state soft drink is Kool-Aid? Or that the state mammal is the white-tailed deer? Did you know that the state insect is the honeybee? And for some reason, Nebraska is considered "America's Breadbasket." There are lots of fun facts about the state that students at Nebraska colleges come to love and admire.

Of course, the state is comprised of more than trivial facts. Attempts to diversify Nebraska's economic base are well underway. The reason: to reduce the state's independence on meat processing and agriculture. Because of the state government and outstanding Nebraska colleges and universities, many jobs have been generated, as well as a business center in Omaha.

Moreover, tourism in Nebraska is the third largest generator of revenue from outside the state, after agriculture and manufacturing. Travelers spent over $2.8 billion in Nebraska during 2003 on trips away from home with overnight stays in paid accommodations. Nebraska universities that teach tourism can boast an upswing for the state.

Aside from tourism and agriculture, those studying at Nebraska colleges and universities can also work at thriving companies that influence the state's economy, include up-and-coming smaller companies scattered across the state in telecommunications, insurance, and health care. Such industries present a variety of opportunities available for recent grads of Nebraska universities and other career professionals.

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Number of Nebraska Colleges and Universities: 39

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Nebraska

  • Free and public lecture series are presented.

  • Nebraska colleges and universities host young artist concerts.

  • Speakers are invited to speak during Eating Disorder Awareness Week and other important dates.

  • Homecoming events bring back alums young and old to reminisce and support the athletes of Nebraska universities.

  • Students and communities come together to participate in blood drives.

  • Financial Aid for Students at Nebraska Colleges
  • State Aid Agency: Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

  • College Prepaid/Savings Program: College Savings Plan of Nebraska

  • Popular College Majors
    Health and Allied Services, Engineering, Business and Commerce, and Social Sciences and History.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board