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Hitting the Career Stage with an Acting Degree

With the thrill of learning new stories, memorizing new lines, and breathing life into characters both young and old -- the world of acting never grows dull. In fact, the field is always expanding and on the move thanks to developments in new media and entertainment. Yet despite this, the number of prime acting jobs available makes the field very competitive; so being bit by the acting bug won't necessarily be enough to land you a job. That's why you need the proper education and preparation that can only be had at an acting school.


Learning to Act Out
No two acting careers demand the same exact skill sets, which is why you'll find yourself taking a variety of different courses as you work towards earning your acting degree. While aspiring theatre enthusiasts will learn the ins-and-outs of working on the stage -- from how to throw their voices to the meaning of stage directions -- students who wish to delve into voice acting will concentrate on how to properly use and manipulate their voices into sounding like anything from a puppy to a villain.


From Playbills to Paying the Bills
According to the United States' Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2006 there were approximately 70,000 actors employed within the nation, with this number expected to grow by about 8,000 through the year 2016. Based upon on the acting career you choose to enter, you may find that both the wages and the duration of your employment will differ greatly. For example, while a role in theater show could last for years and offer you a median hourly salary of $16.82, work in the movie industry is considerably more short-term and may offer a median hourly wage of $10.69.

Remember, though, no matter what acting career you aim for the path to success begins with a degree and training from a reputable acting school!
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